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The very best in pet calendars, books, greeting cards, prints and videos designed for pet lovers, sportsmen, wildlife and adventure enthusiasts, cooks and hobbyists. Exceptional dog, cat, horse, wildlife, outdoor sports, scenic and hobby titles.

Our stunning dog photos paired with perfectly matching quotes are guaranteed to warm hearts, tickle ribs, inspire and comfort.

Say it with Cats

Prints, greeting cards, books and calendars for cat lovers. A joy to read and collect, and always a thoughtful cat gift.

Wild Table
Wild is your reliable resource for healthy wild and natural foods.

WCP Custom Calendars
WCP Custom calendars is renowned worldwide for its high-quality, large-format wall calendars featuring the work of some of the world’s finest photographers of pets, nature, wildlife and outdoor sports.


Horse Quote of the Day

You may add this special display feature to your website. To do so, you must edit the HTML of your web page to include the special script tag shown below. It can go anywhere in the body of the page (i.e. between the <body> and </body> tags). This special tag inserts a Javascript 1.1 script file, which generates the specific HTML required to display a random Horse-related quotation and a link to A different quotation is displayed every time the page loads or is refreshed.

Select and copy Horse Quote of the Day script

To select and copy the Horse Quote of the Day please click on link above and paste the <html> into your website.

Note: You can change any of the desired parameters such as color size etc... However do not change the <script src=""></script> as this file is where the quotes are gererated from.

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